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10 Best Android Emulators For PC To Enhance Your Experience

These emulators are here to make the process of app development more convenient for the Android app developers.


Best Android Emulators For Windows PC 2019 – Smart phones have become one of the most important part of human lives. People spend several hours of their day on smartphone. People use their mobiles for various purposes but playing games and watching movies remains the most loved activity among mobile users these days. The number of gamers on mobile platforms is increasing day by day.

There was a time when games were limited to PC and consoles. But with the advancement in the technology, mobile softwares became very powerful and companies started developing high-end games for mobile phones. This resulted in the making of several awesome mobile games. These games were not only loved by mobile gamers but even the hardcore gamers loved these.

These days, A large number of gamers play games on their mobile phones. Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems currently. Most of the softwares that you use on your PC can be found for your mobile phones. However, there are some limitations when we talk about games. If you are a game lover and want to play it on your PC then you can do it by using Emulators.

If you are not familiar with emulators then do not worry just keep reading this article till the end. Emulators are basically computer programs/softwares that are used to simulate other operating systems. Suppose, you are using Windows on your PC and want to play android games on it then you will have to simulate android OS first on your PC. You can do that by android emulator for PC.

There are several android emulators for PC but if you want to know about some of the finest and most used android emulators then we have a list of best android emulators for windows pc for you. You can use these emulators for simulating android OS on your windows PC. There are some emulators that are completely free while some emulators might require some amount for full features. But the common thing between all those emulators is.. they are working perfectly fine.

To 10 Best Android Emulators For PC (Windows) You Should Try in 2019

1. Nox Player

nox app player - best android emulators for pc

It is one of the most popular emulator for PCs. With the help of Nox player, You can run android apps and games on your computers for free. You will have a virtual android tablet on your PC screen. You will receive all the features of android operating system with better hardware. It is one of the best android emulator for people who love playing games.

The best thing about Nox player that it comes for free. Nox player doesn’t show any sponsored ads. If you are using emulator for gaming purpose only then you get the feature to assign the CPU and RAM usage in your settings menu. You can try all the android features like rooting by using this emulator.

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There is also some cons of using Nox player. This emulator will put a lot of load on your entire system. Also, Nox emulator is based on Android 5 Lollipop. Android 5 lollipop is quite old and mostly high end games will not work on it. If Android 5 is not a problem for you then you must try this emulator.

2. BlueStacks

bluestacks - best android emulators pc

If you have ever used an emulator before then I am pretty sure that you have heard about BlueStacks. BlueStacks is one of the most popular and widely used emulator currently for windows pc. Bluestacks emulator is based on nougat (Android 7.1.2). Which is not very old version of Android. When compared with Nox player’s android version than it is pretty new. It has also all the features that Nox player offers. But it is slightly better than that.

BlueStacks environment is fully customizable. It also supports multiple Operating System configurations. When you use BkueStacks, You get to witness high quality graphics on your screen. You will receive Hyper – G Graphics that will make your gaming experience awesome. With its Android 7 nougat, You can easily run high quality rich in graphics game without lagging.

If you are a game lover and want to play games like PUBG, Fortnite Mobile or Vainglory then bluestacks is definitely made for you. You can also integrate your google play account and get the access to your favorite games. It claims to be the best emulator for Windows. If we talk about thr BlueStacks 4 then the company claims that it is 6 times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9+. It is very easy to set and a person without any technical knowledge can do it.

3. MEmu

memu - best android emulators

If you have not heard about MEmu then worry not. It is relatively new in the field of emulators. Although MEmu is new but that does not mean it us not good. It has all the features that a person wants in an Android Emulator for PC. Also, if you hate doing configurations then MEmu is gonna be your favorite emulator.

You don’t need to do several settings to play the games, just install the software and you are ready to play the games. If you are not comfortable with PCs controls then you can use an Xbox 360 controller. It will further increase your gaming experience.

4. Ko Player

ko player - android emulator

A large number of people uses android emulators for lag free gaming. Ko Player is one of the most popular and widely used Android emulator for PC that will give an extraordinary awesome gaming experience. The software is pretty light and doesn’t put too much load on the system. Also, Ko Player is free software but you might see some ads while using it. If you are a person who doesn’t know much about setting up emulators then worry not. You can easily set Ko Player. It comes with simple user interface.

Ko Player comes with google play store. You can directly download apps and games from the player itself. Ko Player also allows you to record your gameplay. You can share it later with your friends. It supports gamepad mouse, camera and microphone. It will give you the best gaming experience.

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5. Genymotion

genymotion android emulator pc

It is a slightly different name in this list of best android PC emulators. Genymotion is not your typical android game emulator but instead it is created for developers. It is used by developers all around the world for testing your apps on different platforms. It does not come for free, you will have to pay some amount for buying its premium version.

You can run Androids from 4.1 to Android 8 on this. You can also run MacOS and Linux on it.  If you are a developer then this is the best emulator for you and you must give this a try.

6. Android Studio

android studio emulator

If you are not interested in trying something mentioned above then you can try Android Studio. It is similar to the Genymotion but it is the official software from google to develop android apps. It is used by developers all around the world to test and develop apps. However, if you compare it with other emulators then it has very few features to offers.

7. Remix OS

remix os emulator

It is not a traditional & Best Android Emulator For Windows PC. Remix OS is a separate OS that you will need to install in your system. It was created by Jide Technology, Google’s former employees worked on this OS. You just need to have this OS on your USB and you can easily boot it.

If you want to run high end games then you might face some problems while using it. But if you just want to run some apps then you will not encounter any problem. If you are looking for a different experience then Remix OS deserves a try.

8. ARChon

archon emulator

It is not your regular android emulator software. Mainly used to run apps on chrome OS. It was started when google started supporting two-three apps on chrome web browser. Later, some developers took the inspiration from here and released ARChon to run all android apps on it. It is one of the best emulator like software that can be used without installing. ARChon is completely free to use.

9. Bliss OS

bliss os

It is also a completely different Android Emulator For PC. In fact, it is not an emulator. If you use emulators then you might know that you need to install these emulators but Bliss OS is an android operating system itself that you can install on your system. You can easily install it through USB. It is an open source operating system that is ad-free too. You can easily run Android 9 on it.

10. PrimeOS

prime os

PrimeOS is also one of the most popular emulator for playing games. It is similar to the Remix OS and Bliss OS. It is also a complete android operating system in itself. You will need to install it on your system. It is slightly new emulator and developed by an Indian start-up. You will not have to pay anything to use it because PrimeOS is completely free to use.

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