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11 Best Free Media Players For Windows PC (2019)

Enjoy Watching Movies Or Any Videos With These Media Players/Video Players For Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and XP.


11 Best Free Media Players For Windows 10, 8.1, 7 PC (2019) – Let’s be honest, a majority of the in-built media players that come with Windows and Mac by default, aren’t very impressive.

Any media player worth it’s salt should handle a wide variety of video and audio formats, without forcing users to add some specific codecs for a new type of file you recently discovered on the internet.

A great media player should also be capable of converting files to any suitable format which users can play on their console or devices; hence, striking the perfect balance between quantity and quality.

A great video player is a must-have for everyone, and although the utilities that came with your Windows or Mac PC do an excellent job, there is no need for you to settle for them.

Whether you are searching for the most straightforward of programs that can get the task done without any fuss or you desire a tool which can offer you full control over every detail of audio and visual playback, there is always a free media player online that can deliver.

If you are still using the default Windows Media Player, you are indeed missing out on a lot because it has not been updated since 2008 and it is just a matter of time before the Microsoft Corporation stops supporting it.

Windows Media Player also lacks those features we’ve come to expect from any modern era media player, like the ability to play 3D, 4K, as well as 360-degree video formats, connect with digital streaming services, and provide support for VR enhancements.

Considering all the key points, mentioned above, we decided to share this essential roundup of eleven of the best media player for windows available online for free. Keep reading to find the ideal one for you.

11 Best Media Players for Windows

1. VLC Media Player

vlc media player

VLC Media Player; a true stalwart within the media software industry is one name that you come across time and time again when talking about the best free video player. And for a good reason – it is just incredible.

Using VLC to play media can be as easy as loading up your video or music files, you are also allowed to use it for streams, playing discs, and more. It also has some added features like subtitles, video and audio syncing, as well as sound and picture filters.

VLC’s incredible playback control, remarkable format support, and fantastic performance rate make it our winner. Give this free & best media player a try – and you will not miss the Windows Media Player.

Download: VLC Media Player (Free)

2. MPC Home Cinema

media player classic

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC HC) is an open source, light-weight media player that can play nearly all standard video and audio file formats.

The MPC player will run HEVC (x.265) files effortlessly, as well as 4K videos with higher bit rates. Moreover, the player has excellent LAV filters which allow the media player to play your favorite videos without glitches.

Download: Media Player Classic (Free)

3. Kodi Media Playerkodi media player

The Kodi app helps you to organize and stream your media across your home network; which makes it less of a conventional media player, and more of your home media hub.

Kodi is available for virtually every platform available in the market, and it is even possible to purchase dedicated Kodi boxes which can be plugged directly into your monitor or TV.

Kodi can run almost every local and network audio and video file format, and also stream live content from the internet. If you own a large collection of videos, Kodi will help you sort them out in an orderly fashion and, unlike the Windows Media Player; Kodi will download movie and TV show information in addition to posters and the usual metadata.

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In short, Kodi has everything you should expect from one of the best video players for Windows. Newcomers may encounter a steep learning curve, but it is well worth your effort.

Download : Kodi Media Player (Free)

4. 5KPlayer


The 5KPlayer is not just a basic, run-of-the-mill media player; it supports video and radio streaming, local playback, YouTube downloading and much more. It also includes AirPlay support for sharing content with other devices.

Perhaps you own a large collection of movies (and music) stored inside your computer hard drive; you can sync the entire library with the 5KPlayer program for more accessible, more manageable access to all of them.

5KPlayer boasts a wide-ranging audio and video format support, with plenty of playback controls for tweaking the sound and appearance of your media.

However, there is a slight minus point worth mentioning: 5KPlayer is essentially a free media player; hence it comes with advertisements for other services from the same manufacturer. These ads don’t interfere with your media playback; still, they can be frustrating when they show up. If you can tolerate the ads, 5KPlayer is a useful media player to have for entertainment on your PC.

Download : 5kplayer (Free)

5. Pot Player

pot player

Something of a dark horse, Pot Media Player, has earned a dedicated following for itself, with users clearly appreciative of the high power behind the deceptively simple free media player.

A minimalist, stripped-back look disguises this all-dancing, all-singing, free video player that has multiple codecs so it can run any file format thrown at it.

While many media players provide basic color and contrast adjustments, Pot Player offers a wide variety of viewing options, with fancy extras like its screen recording tool. Impressive stuff.

Download: Daum PotPlayer (Free)

6. KMPlayer

km player

KMPlayer is yet another excellent Windows media player which can play almost any mainstream audio and video files.

It is commonly recognized for its extensive ranging support for formats. Users of KMPlayer have lots of options for video and audio effects ensuring they never run out of features or support.

KMPlayer users can select some parts of their favorite videos and make them run repeatedly; remap the shortcut keys for remote interfacing, etc.

Download : Kmplayer (Free)

7. GOM Player

gom player

The GOM Media Player has a clean and simple user interface. It features some impressive tweaking and control options that users are allowed to set according to their preference for the best experience.

One of the GOM Player’s selling points is its support for 360 degree VR videos, which allows you to stream YouTube videos, and also interactive video clips you have created yourself.

GOM also supports a lot of audio and video formats, and if somehow you come across an unknown file format, GOM player automatically tracks down the missing codec required to run the media file.

Download : GOM Player (Free)

8. RealPlayer


RealPlayer can run multiple file formats, including QuickTime and Windows media formats. It boasts equalizer and video controls, a video download utility, audio recording, CD ripping, a media converter, and graphic animations which appear on your screen while you are listening to audio.

GOM player allows you to share videos and photos directly to Twitter and Facebook from the software. Additionally, it supports various plug-ins (for visualizations, audio enhancement, and radio tuners) so you can further extend its functionalities.

Download : Realplayer (Free)

9. MediaMonkey


MediaMonkey handles all of your local and network-stored videos and audio files. Combined with basic modes for playback, users are getting a jukebox option with this free media player and media can be shared with UPnP and DLNA devices.

MediaMonkey tags your music automatically and synchronizes the content to other smartphones or portable media players like Palm Pre or iPod. Moreover, it provides support for third-party plug-ins integration, for extended base functionalities.

Download : Mediamonkey (Free)

10. Splash Media Player

splash media

Splash media player offers HD technologies (NVENC, NVIDIA, AMD APP as well as accelerated hardware video decoding) in a modern and simple user interface. It is designed for smooth playback of High Definition videos, especially those from HD camcorders.

The Splash player is equipped with a state-of-the-art post-processing engine which delivers remarkable video quality with vivid colors and crisp details. One downside of this useful tool is that many of its exciting features are enjoyed by premium subscribers only.

Download : Splash Media Player (Free)

11. ALLPlayer


The name of this free media player speaks for itself – ALLPlayer users can play both known and unknown media formats, including 3G2, MKA, APE, AU, VOB, M2TS, and Matroska. You can even run incomplete/ unfinished files which are still downloading via peer-to-peer networks.

ALLPlayer’s best feature is its ability to download subtitles in almost every language automatically. It can play BitTorrent series and movies with accurate subtitles, and it supports color correction and image rotation for improved video quality. This free media player will automatically switch off your monitor or computer once the movie or TV show is finished.

Download : Allplayer (Free)

So, which of the best media players for windows on our list caught your attention? Which one would you instead use to take your entertainment experience to the next level in 2019? Don’t hesitate to try as many of them as you like so you can make the right selection.

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