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10 Best Free Registry Cleaners For Windows PC (2019)

A List of Best Registry Cleaner, and Free Registry Repair Software


10 Best Free Registry Cleaners For Windows PC (2019) – Windows is a complex operating system; however, it is only complicated because of how customizable it is as per its behavior.

You can change virtually everything in Windows – this explains why it is susceptible to so many cyber attacks. So how does Windows preserve all these numerous settings? Inside the registry. The Registry for Windows is a database for storing basic options and settings of the Windows Operating System.

But when you have a myriad of items to store and keep track of; over time, your Windows registry becomes cluttered with broken settings and errors, which results in performance degradation and eventually, system crash.

Although some operating systems – like Windows 10 – come with an advanced maintenance system tool, it is still susceptible to clutter, while some users still enjoy using Windows 7 and a few older versions.

Registry Cleaners?

It is extremely important for you to keep the Windows registry in good shape by fixing errors and clearing out all the junk that accumulates over time.

Registry cleaners are programs designed to get rid of unnecessary entries from inside the Registry for Windows. Registry cleaners are handy for deleting registry entries that are still pointing to files and folders which no longer exist.

10 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows

Before coming up with this best free registry cleaner software list, we evaluated a few of the popular free registry cleaning software for performance, reliability, and ease of use, on our test PC running Windows OS.

Now let us read through our list and find out the best free registry cleaner that suits your needs.

1. CCleaner | Free Registry Cleaner



CCleaner is probably the best free registry cleaner software I have tested. It deserves to be at the top of our list since it offers features that many other premium programs do not.

CCleaner is user-friendly and has several other useful tools. Its in-built Registry Cleaner and free Registry Repair software will scan your Windows registry for over a dozen error types and fix them. It also periodically prompts users to back-up their registry before making any changes.

CCleaner also allows for premium subscription, but the free version is usually enough for most users.

2. Wise Registry Cleaner | Free Registry Cleaner

wise registry cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaning software is a fantastic free registry cleaner that is just as good as the highly rated CCleaner. Its various scan modes make this a very safe free registry repair tool.

Wise Registry users are allowed to schedule automatic Windows registry cleaning and repairs after daily, weekly, or even monthly time frames. It also features a Windows registry defragmentation option.

3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner | Free Registry Cleaner

auslogics registry cleaner

This free registry repair tool made by Auslogics quickly scans the Windows registry keys and fixes them without any fuss. It also provides you with a categorized overview of scan results in a listed form. Users are allowed to tick the ones they want to fix.

The Auslogics registry cleaner’s interface is clean and straightforward, but not as aesthetic as that of the Wise Cleaner programme. A feature worthy of note is how it displays the severity levels of the registry errors encountered.

4. Jetclean | Free Registry Cleaner


JetClean is a free registry cleaning programme made by BlueSprig. It doesn’t get a lot of mentions, but I still discovered it to be a very strong application.

JetClean can scan the entire Windows registry in a matter of seconds, and it boasts a well-designed user interface.

The JetClean registry cleaning software supports both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista.

5. Glarysoft Registry Repair | Free Registry Cleaner

glarysoft registry repair

Glarysoft’s free Registry Repair utility is also an excellent registry cleaner tool. It automatically starts scanning the Windows registry immediately the tool is opened. It also provides automatic registry back-up before making any alterations to your Windows registry protecting your PC from any tragic occurrence.

6. AML Registry Cleaner | Free Registry Cleaner

aml free registry cleaner

Its interface is of a slightly “old” theme, but AML’s free Registry Cleaner delivers a comprehensive search of your Windows registry, lots of free extra tools, and also a reputation for not causing any more unforeseen problems.

AML Registry Cleaner supports both 64 and 32 bit Windows versions.

7. Slimcleaner Free | Free Registry Repair

slimware utilitiesa

SlimCleaner’s free registry repair tool offers you some impressive functionality. Its Registry cleaning and repair tool is a one-stop solution to all sorts of registry-related issues on your PC. But this complicates things a little. For example, if you want to clean and fix the Windows registry alone, you need to un-mark every single checkbox present on all the necessary tabs. But you will only have to perform this task once. SlimCleaner remembers your settings after that.

8. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner | Free Registry Repair

eusing registry repair software

One of the first things you will notice about this Windows registry cleaning tool is its name. The program is quite simple and straightforward. This somewhat ugly-looking cleaner only does registry cleaning and repairs. Get it here : Eusing.

9. Winutilities Registry Cleaner | Free Registry Repair


This software is a component of YL Software’s WinUtilities suite. Like the other free registry cleaning tools on our list, WinUtilities also allows users to create restore points before making any significant changes to their Windows registry. However, there is another separate registry cleaner known as ScanMyReg produced by the same company which is marketed as paid software.

10. Easy Cleaner | Free Registry Repair

easy cleaner

This lightweight program was developed by a Finnish programmer named Toni Helenius. Besides the free registry cleaner, the Easy Cleaner utility has limited graphics options. Its visual appearance has not been updated since it was launched in 2005. Easy Cleaner operates by allowing you to locate duplicate files and folders and also delete shortcuts leading to nowhere.


Windows Registry is arguably the most sensitive component of the Windows OS. Hence, it is essential that you remember to back-up the registry before allowing a registry cleaner to fix or remove any entries. The best free registry cleaner for windows will do this for you automatically, so ensure that is the case.

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