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11 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For iPhone/iPod


11 Best Free Music Downloader App For iPhone/iPod – Most iPhone and iPad users listen to lots of music for entertainment, since it is a great way to stay rejuvenated and stress-free. Our beloved iPads or iPhones are handy music players for listening to our favourite songs anywhere. They boast amazing software and hardware features capable of enhancing our overall music experience.

Unlike their Android counterparts, downloading free songs for iPhone and iPad devices has become more difficult and time-consuming after nearly every music downloader application for iPhone was taken down from the AppStore because iOS creators decided to protect the artists from piracy in the form of illegal music distribution.

Even the safari browser for iOS doesn’t allow users to download music directly from sites that support downloading features. You can only stream and listen to your favourite music online once you are connected to the network. Fortunately, there still exist a plethora of excellent music downloader apps for iPhone to get free songs on your iPad or iPhone in 2019.

So, if your goal is to find out how you can download music on your iOS device, follow our detailed guide. These are our top 8 music downloader application for iPhone.

Top 11 Apps to Download Songs on iPhone/iPod for Free

1. Spotify


Spotify is a trendy music downloader app for iPhone. It comes with a clean, user-friendly interface combined with remarkable music downloading utilities. Whichever genre you prefer – pop, rock, soft rock, country, classical, etc. – you will locate and download it with Spotify

Apart from its vast database, Spotify’s major selling point is that users can listen to songs directly on the interface and you may also save them for use offline. It istotally free and also features a few chargeable premium services.

2. Amazon Music

amazon music

If you are a prime subscriber on Amazon, then you are eligible to access its Prime Music service freely. Amazon’s incredible iOS app allows you to stream any music you like on the iPad and iPhone. Your favourite songs are accessed via artists, playlists, genres, etc. Users can also save their music for offline use whenever the internet isn’t available.

3. Total: File Browser and Downloader

total file manager and downloader

Total is a multi-purpose file manager and browser that you would enjoy using. This app has already been downloaded by more than 4 million people and will suggest how you can download your favourite music on iPhone 6 and many other iOS versions.

Users of Total can surf the web using this app and download music files with its native interface.

Total music downloader app for iPhone offers support for multiple downloads as well as file management options. It can also integrate with all the most popular cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

4. Google Play Music

google play music

Google Play Music as the name implies, is developed and supported by Google themselves. It’s available for both iOS and Android, making it very popular. It features the latest songs along with a vast database of music and other media that users can download.

You may opt for the free version of Google Play for streaming music anytime, and its paid version allows subscribers to download and play songs at $1.99 monthly.

5. SoundCloud


SoundCloud for iOS is minimalist software for effective downloading of tracks on your iPhone or iPad. It is by far one of the best apps to download music on iPhone and much like its website; the app offers you the same functions which include downloading, streaming, and free access to some very exceptional music content from various artists all over the globe.

SoundCloud makes it incredibly easy to search, download, stream, comment and like songs from your iPhone.

6. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is a perfect music app for iOS devices. It boasts an amazing collection of songs and offers users the option to quickly browse through it by genre, albums, or artists. You can also create your playlists.

iHeartRadio also features an offline save mode for your iOS devices. You can download and use iHeartRadio for free.

7. Evermusic – Offline Music


The Evermusic iOS music player is an excellent app which offers decent features for music organization and playback.
However, what sets Evermusic apart from others is its ability to integrate with numerous cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc.

Evermusic allows you to store your favourite songs in its cloud-based system, and you can then stream the songs from these cloud-based services, or download them offline. Download the app is free and it can be used on iPad and iPhone.

8. Freegal Music

freegal music

Freegal is a free app that helps users learn ways of downloading music to their iOS device. It features a clean, user-friendly interface with different genres of songs available. Users can create playlists, mark their favourite tracks, and then share them online with their friends.

The Freegal interface has multiple language options and is only compatible with: iOS 7.1 and later versions.

9. Apple Music

apple music

Apple Music comes with a set of unique features such as an exceptional user-interface, great sound quality of music, etc. It is a free music downloader app for iPhone which permits users to comprehensively stream, and share their favourite music on social media. Users can also multi-task with this app by searching for music and watching YouTube videos simultaneously. It’s easy and also free to use. You should expect a few ads to show up on the interface, but you can exclude them by paying a small fee.

10. MyMP3


Perhaps you have a collection of music videos or some songs you downloaded as videos from YouTube; the MyMP3 app will undoubtedly assist you in converting the video format into MP3 your iOS device with no fuss. It also grants users the option of sharing their favourite music with friends on other media platforms.

11. FMA (Free Music Archive)

free music archive

The FMA(Free Music Archive) app is an online music repository which is equipped with an extensive database of free songs available worldwide. This massive array of free music is legitimate, so you mustn’t bother about the legality of its operations and all that. With a straightforward interface, this music downloader application for iPhone grants its users access to a vast music library capable of soothing their needs and moods, as well as downloading these songs on their iPad or iPhone.

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Final Thoughts

All these best iPhone music downloader applications we listed here are the best in the business. They will allow you to download free music onto your iPad/ iPhone. They’re all free and easy to use. By regularly updating them you can fix any bugs.

You can try out all of them and then select the best one that suits your requirements.

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