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12 Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Codes & Credit in 2019

Earn Free Google Play Codes/Credits/Gift Cards With these simple to complete (Survey & Non Survey) Methods.


Google Play is a digital distribution service that was launched back in 2008, which means it’s over a decade old. It basically serves as Android’s official app store. It allows users to explore and download applications developed for the Android phone operating system.

However, Google Play doesn’t just give you access to apps and games, it also provides users access to music, eBooks, and videos.

A bulk of the content you’ll find in the Google Play store is not free to download. While some apps will not charge you to download them and have access to their base features, you may still be required to pay a fee to access all their premium features.

Google has a variety of payment methods to choose from. Content can be purchased with the use of a debit/credit card, carrier billing, PayPal or even Google Play Gift cards.

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Cards/Codes allow you to purchase and pay for content from the Google Play Store.

Google doesn’t generally sell their gift cards directly. Interested customers can purchase physical gift cards from local retailers or virtual gift codes from online retailers.

Content that can be purchased using a gift card/code includes movies, books, paid apps music and memberships. You can also pay for in-app subscriptions.

The best part about gift cards is that they never expire. If you have a child and aren’t comfortable with them using your credit card with Google, you can simply buy the Google Play gift cards online. Gift card codes can also be sent over the internet.

It’s important to note that Google Play Gift Cards and Codes are not available in every territory or country. Unfortunately, they’re only available in the following countries: the United Kingdom, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, U.S., India, Indonesia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you want to read more details on which countries have support for Google Play Gift Cards, you can go to their Support website.

Buying gift cards isn’t the only option you have in procuring them. In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can get free google play codes/gift cards as well as how you can get Google credit without spending a single cent of your hard earned money.

12 Easy Ways To Earn Free Google Play Codes/Credits

1. Using a Free Google Play Codes Generator

You may be skeptical about this entry. However, if you can find a working Google play codes generator, you’ll be able to generate an infinite amount of gift cards.

This is probably the easiest way of generating a Google gift card codes without spending a single penny. The Gift Code generator is an online web application that produces unused Google Play codes for free. It’s very easy and simple to use.

All you have to do is enter your country, enter the amount you need and then click on the generate button. This will produce a twenty digit alphanumeric code that can be used to get credit from your Google Play store account.

However, it’s very important that you ensure that you’re using a valid Generator. There are a lot of counterfeits and scams being run on the internet.

A site with a good Google Play Code generator will not ask you to register or complete an offer. It will not charge you for using the service either. Some sites may ask for donations, this is not a bad thing.

Try to avoid sites that are bogged down with heavy scripting and ad banners. If the generator site asks you to download or install software in order to get it to work, exit the site immediately.

2. Using Swagbucks For Free Google Play Codes/Credits (Survey)

swagbucks google play

Swagbucks is one of the most popular penal and market research sites on the internet. It’s a key favorite among internet users who want to make some extra cash on the side. There’s not much that can be said about Swagbucks that hasn’t already been said.

You earn points for completing tasks such as watching video ads, participating in surveys, searching the web, shopping online through their links, etc.

These points can then be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. So far, Swagbucks has paid out over $ 300,000,000 to its members. It has been featured and reviewed in publications such as BuzzFeed, Save the Student, The PENNY Hoarder, ABC, and The Huffington Post.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash or get Google Play codes for free, this is definitely your best bet.

3. Google Opinion Rewards (In House Survey/Reviews)

google opinion rewards

Did you know that Google had its own survey site? Well, if you didn’t, now you know. Google Opinion Rewards allows users to earn rewards by helping Google improve their products and services.

It has a survey app that users can download not just on their Android device, but their iOS device as well. It also has an audience measurement feature that gives its users rewards for watching online videos and using the internet.

You instantly get credit with every survey you complete. You can earn a maximum of $1 per survey. There is an abundance of surveys. You could find yourself working on several per week. You’re guaranteed to have at least one weekly survey.

Google rewards you with either PayPal cash or Free google play codes. Topics include anything from opinion polls, to merchant satisfaction surveys, to hotel reviews. They’ll notify you by email as soon as a survey is available.

Download Google Opinion Rewards On Google Play For Android Or For iOS Here.

4. Use FeaturePoints For Free Google Play Codes/Credits (Surveys)

feature points

FeaturePoints is another great site that can help you make some cash on the side. You can make money and earn rewards from your phone or on the web by completing surveys, participating in cashbacks and much more.

It has apps that are available for both Android and iOS devices. The only information you need to register is a working email address. You can also use your Facebook account to register. Feature Points has been around since 2012 and has awarded over $5,600,000 to its users.

You can make simple cashbacks by following the links on their apps and shopping through them. These stores range from Nordstrom to Walmart and GameStop.

Once you’ve acquired enough points, they can then be exchanged for gift cards from brands such as Amazon, Paypal and of course Google.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Swagbucks, you should definitely try Feature Points.

5. Using InstaGC For Free Google Play Codes (Surveys)


InstaGC (which is short Instant Gift Card) is another service that allows you to earn points for participating in activities that you already do on the internet. You basically earn points for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online and searching the web.

Once, you’ve accumulated enough points, they can then be exchanged for a gift card of your choice. Members have 350+ gift cards to choose from which are digitally delivered to you. They can also be sent directly to a friend.

So far, InstaGC has given out over 1,2 million in gift cards. While it’s not as well-known as the other entries on this list, it’s been around since 2011 and you can trust them.

6. Use AppNana To Earn Free Google Play Codes (Non Survey)

appnana - free google play codes no survey

AppNana is a rewards app available for the Android and iOS platform. It’s been downloaded over 550, 000 times from the Google Play store and has a 4.5-star rating.

This should tell you all you need to know about its trustworthiness. It gives you the chance to try out and download free apps and games. For each app you use, you get points or credit (called nanas) which can, in turn, be exchanged for gift cards.

You get 400 daily points just for visiting and using the app. It also has a referral program where you can earn points by simply inviting friends to join and download the app. It’s important that you open the apps after you install them or you won’t get points.

It’s also important to ensure that your email address is correct in order for them to send rewards to your inbox. It will take up to 48 hours for them to send the gift code to your inbox.

7. Use PrizeRebel For Free Google Play Codes (Surveys)

prizerebel google play codes

PrizeRebel is another great rewards site. It gives you the opportunity to earn rewards by completing offers such as downloading an app or filling out an online survey.

Points can be earned from each survey you complete. It’s very user-friendly and it’s one of the most trusted rewards sites on the internet.

Registration is very simple. You can even register using your Facebook account. Once you’re finished registering, sign in and complete as many market research surveys as you can or you can sign up for a big brand offer. Points are for each completed activity and task.

Once you have accumulated enough points, they can then be exchanged for gift card codes. You can also choose to redeem them for PayPal money. One of the gift cards you’re able to exchange your points from is google play codes.

8. Use GrabPoints For Free Google Play Codes (Surveys)

grabpoints google play

If the previous entry on the list isn’t good enough and you want something to supplement your paychecks a little more, you should definitely give Grab points a try.

Grab points is a GPT site that gives its members a chance to earn rewards by participating in tasks such as watching video ads, completing surveys and downloading apps.

GrabPoints has one of the biggest rewards programs on the internet. Points earned from Gab points can be exchanged for PayPal cash and gift cards. Signing up is completely free.

As soon as you’ve signed up, an invite code will be dispatched to your email’s inbox. Make sure to check the spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox. As soon as you’ve activated your account, you can start earning points and rewards.

The number of points you make daily depends on the availability and complexity of the task you’re doing. It’s quite possible to rake up anywhere from 2 to 10,000 points for each task you complete. 1000 points equal to US$1 in real-world currency.

GrabPoints is available as a web application or you can opt to download it for Android, Windows, and iOS.

9. Use PointsPrizes For Free Google Play Codes (Survey)

pointsprizes google play

Last on our list comes Points Prizes. It’s very similar to the two previous entries on the list.

It’s another rewards site that allows you to get points by completing various offers, filling out various surveys, watching online video ads and getting points through daily bonuses.

Once you’ve collected enough points, they can be redeemed for a free Google Gift code which is emailed to you upon redemption.

PointsPrizes is considered to be one of the most trustworthy rewards sites on the web. Offers are screened very carefully to ensure that they work with the most reputable advertisers and marketers.

It’s important that you stay safe from scams and PointsPrizes ensures this. Users need to be discerning as well while using sites like these. Nonetheless, it’s a great survey and rewards site.

10. Register Your Samsung Device To Get Free Google Play Gift Codes (Non Survey)

Most of the people don’t know that Google Offers Free gift card when you purchase & register google devices like Google Home Or Pixel. Also When you purchase selected models of Samsung Galaxy devices you could even recieve a Free 25$ Google Play Gift Card.

All you need to go to samsung website and register your device.

You can check selected devices here

11. Whaff Rewards (Android APP)

whaff rewards - free google play codes no human verification

Whaff Rewards is another a legit way to earn free google play codes. All you have to do is to download the app from google play store, And connect your account to facebook.

When your account is connected, you can start earning points by downloading featured apps, games, watching videos & more. You will get more reward points when you use the downloaded apps for more time on your device.

12. Buy & Register a Chromecast Device (Non Survey)

If You planned to buy a chromecast device, or you already have it, Here you have a chance to win free google play gift card codes worth 5$ upto 25$. All you have to do is to register your chromecast device to their website.

For now Chromecast giving away 6$ worth of google play gift cards. You can check out what offer is currently available by checking Chromecast Offers.

Final Word

In this article, we explored ten of the best tips to help you score not just Google codes but some extra cash on the side. If you use this list positively, you’ll never ever have to spend a single dime in the Google Play store again. We hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful. Share it with your friends and family. Thank you for reading and happy earning.

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