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10 Easy Ways To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards (& Codes)


10 Easy Ways To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards (& Codes) – I remember the first time I used iTunes. I had to download it after purchasing my very first iPod (I miss that thing). Since I was using the PC version, my first impression of it is that it was a little slow and unrefined.

Yes, it gave me more features than Windows Media Player but I didn’t’ see the point. It was just a synchronization tool between my iPod and PC. I soon realized that iTunes’ real magic wasn’t in the way it handled my music library or podcasts, instead, it was iTunes store that really shined.

The way you could back up and download your purchases at any time was so convenient to me. It made buying music and supporting your favorite a lot easier. Did you know that when iTunes was first launched in 2003, it was the only digital platform that sold music from all five major record labels?

By 2013 – a decade after its launch, it had over half a billion users and served over 300 million mobile devices. By 2017, iTunes wasn’t just offering users music purchases. It was selling apps, TV shows and films.

If you want access to most of iTunes premium content, you have to pay. Paying requires money. With the rate of poverty being what it is, it’s not always easy to have some extra money lying around to purchase content from the iTunes store.

This is where iTunes gift cards come in. iTunes gift cards can be bought from Apple Stores and various other online and local retailers. However, this is not the only way you can earn them. In this guide, we’re going to cover a few alternative methods you can use to earn free iTunes gift cards.

Top 10 Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards

There are a plethora of rewards programs that you can sign up for to help you get free iTunes gift cards. We’ve condensed this list and found the very best.

It should be noted that most of these methods are primarily from online sources and you can use them to earn gift cards through direct or indirect activity. Without further ado…

1. Free iTunes Gift Card Code List

This is the easiest way to get lucky and score some free iTunes gift cards without working very hard. We’ve listed a few gift card codes that we’ve found from generators, Reddit, social media sites, and competitions. You can also search the internet for working gift card codes if none of the following ones work.

No.        Code

1             XWQE7GCNG9ZDKQ

2             XLWJ36EJAUNCT4

3             XKPX8D5CCLN34T

4             XEHUMV9QYHQF5T

5             XLPFY4U62GKKAL

6             XS895HMQZ572CA

7             X3LVYJ8R2A9CR5

8             XDH5SXZFYP2S5Q

9             XF4SBYQG35U6KF

10           XB7Z3C8CEYZNLC

11           XKUYK8VUZ7BV9P

12           XCQPVKD3ZNL6PH

13           XM3L3WTUAXZ3VR

14           X5LZ2YSYWHAFHK

15           XAJK366X9R68PH

All you have to do is redeem one of these codes in the iTunes store as you would do with a normal gift card.

2. Using PrizeRebel For Free iTunes Gift Cards

prizerebel - free amazon gift card codes

Prize Rebel is a rewards site that always you to get almost instant points redemption. With Prize Rebel, you can earn points and (subsequently) iTunes gift cards by completing tasks such as participating in online research surveys.

Sign up is completely free and easy to do. The steps to signing up and using Prize Rebel are as follows:

  1. Register for a free Prize Rebel account on their website.
  2. Once you’ve successfully signed up for an account, sign in and start completing market research surveys.
    You can also sign-up for offers from various brands or even watch video ads. Points are earned for each task you complete. The more tasks you complete, the more points you get and the faster you can get your iTunes gift cards.
  3. Once you’ve accrued enough points, you can redeem them for PayPal money or choose a gift card reward from a host of different brands and retailers – for instance, iTunes. The reward will be delivered to you in the next 24 hours.

Prize Rebel is one of the most well-trusted rewards sites on the internet. If you’re uncertain about their integrity, you can read through their testimonials.

3. PointsPrizes Free iTunes Gift Cards

pointsprizes - itunes gift cards free

PointsPrizes is one of the highest rated rewards program sites on the internet. It’s a great alternative to the aforementioned Prize Rebel. Just like with Prize Rebel, you can earn points from completing surveys or offer from a host of brands and retailers.

Once you have enough points, they can be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash. One of the gift cards you can redeem your points for are iTunes gift cards.

PointsPrizes always does its best to ensure that they’re using the freshest and most valid iTunes gift card codes. So you don’t have to worry about them working or not. Once you have your gift card, you can then redeem it through the iTunes store, iBooks Store or Apple app store.

While Prize Rebel offers you a web app, PointsPrizes has applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple app store. Which gives you versatility. So if you find that Prize Rebel wasn’t good enough for you, maybe give PointsPrizes a shot.

4. GrabPoints Free iTunes Gift Cards

grabpoints - free itunes gift codes

Yet another rewards site on this list is GrabPoints. If nothing else, GrabPoints is one of the nicest looking rewards sites on the internet. Signing up is easy, all you need to do is give GrabPoints your email address and take it from there.

You can earn points and subsequently iTunes gift cards from downloading apps, completing offers from various brands, answering survey questions and watching online videos or TV programs. You can also register to the site using your Facebook account.

The site also has a long list of testimonials singing its praises. While GrabPoints does not feature any mobile applications, in my opinion, the website is enough.

GrabPoints guarantees the highest payouts of any survey site. You can use it in conjunction with the other methods in this guide or you can use it alone. It’s up to you.  I highly recommend GrabPoints.

5. Free iTunes Gift Cards is another rewards site that caters more to gamers than the average consumer. With, you can earn coins and prizes which can be redeemed for gift card codes from digital platforms such as iTunes.

Despite its very niche delivery, is just like any other rewards site. You can earn coins for participating in tasks watching videos, watching their streams, redeeming promo codes that you find on the internet or through the YouTube partners as well as visiting their offer walls.’s offer walls consist of links to their other partners. All these different partners have different tasks that you can participate in and earn even more coins through. For instance, some partners require you to purchase a subscription while others require you to fill out surveys. is made by gamers for gamers and they offer more than 400 different prizes so you’re not just limited to exchanging your codes for iTunes gift cards.  It also has an awesome referral program that can be used to earn up to 8% of your referral’s coins forever.

If you’re a gamer or anyone looking to gamify your internet experience even further, then is worth checking out.

6. Using Cash for Apps Free iTunes Gift Cards

cash for apps

Cash for Apps is a mobile rewards app that allows you to score points for downloading and testing apps. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices – for free.

All you have to do to earn points is to download apps from the Cash For Apps interface. Once you’ve downloaded the required app and used it, you can delete it from your phone, once you’ve received the points.

As soon as you’ve collected enough points you can redeem them for a free iTunes gift card. 300 points equate to $1. Upon redeeming your points, you’ll receive your prize in the next 24 hours.

Like most rewards sites and apps, Cash for apps also has a referral program. For every one you successfully refer with your unique referral code, you’ll receive an additional 90 points and they’ll receive 20 points. It’s a win-win situation.

You can use both the iOS and Android version under a single account. If you have both devices, you can use them both accumulate points under a single account.

Cash for Apps has been downloaded over 330, 000 times from the Google Play store. It has a 4.5-star rating from the store.

Download Cash For Apps

7. Using AppKarma For iTunes Gift Cards Free


If you’re looking for another rewards app for gift cards and other rewards, you should take a lot at AppKarma. It has been downloaded over 320, 000 times from the Google Play store and it has near perfect rating score.

AppKarma works much in the same way that Cash for Apps does but it takes a step further. It has a tiered point earning scheme that is as follows:

  • Basic Rewards: Install apps from AppKarma and run them to earn points and rewards.
  • Karma Plays: Earn Karma Play points by playing games and running apps that you’ve downloaded from the AppKarma app.
  • Karma Quizzes: AppKarma has a set of quizzes which allow you to earn bonus points by participating in them.
  • Achievement Badges: AppKarma has a set of achievements and a badge with each achievement. You earn additional points for each achievement you gain. Achievements vary from installing a set number of apps to inviting friends.
  • Invite Rewards: This is basically AppKarma’s referral program. You can get points for inviting friends and you’ll get 30% of what they earn from the app.

Once you’ve accrued enough points, they can be redeemed for various gift cards including $5 or $10 iTunes gift cards. The app has support in many different countries. Unfortunately, AppKarma is only available on Android devices. If you have an iOS device, you can always use AppKarma’s mobile application.

Download Appkarma

8. Using AppReward For iTunes Gift Cards Free


Another great app for getting iTunes gift cards is AppReward. All you need to do to earn these gift cards is accumulate points through the app which can then be redeemed for gift cards.

Points can be earned by completing various in-app offers and tasks. Tasks include downloading and running apps, watching videos, inviting your friends and simply logging into the AppReward app every single day.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for various gift cards. AppRewards will send you your reward within 48-hours.

The app isn’t as popular as the other apps on this list. It’s only been downloaded 2500 times from the Google Play store and has a 4.1-star rating. It’s only available for Android devices. Despite this, it’s still worth checking out.

9. Using Gift Wallet For iTunes Gift Cards Free

gift wallet

Gift Wallet is another Android exclusive that allows its users to earn points by completing a set of offers and tasks. You can earn your way to gift cards or PayPal through the simple use of this app.

Like many of the other services and apps on this list, Gift Wallet also has a referral program. For every user you refer using your referral code, they get 5 points and you get 30% of their task reward points.

Using Gift Wallet is easy. Just to show you how easy it is, we’ve highlighted a few steps you can take to use the app:

  1. Download Gift Wallet from the Google Play store.
  2. Run the app and select ‘Earn Points’.
  3. Complete the various offers you find and earn points.
  4. You’ll receive a notification when you have the option to finally cash out.
  5. Tap on notifications to see the available points in your wallet.
  6. Tap on ‘Reward’ to exchange your points for any prize or reward.

Itunes gift cards that can be redeemed for are $10, $25 and $50. If you want to learn more about Gift Wallet, they’re available to follow, like and subscribe to on nearly every social media platform.

They have a 4.5-star rating from the Google Play store and have been downloaded over 156,000 times. So you can trust it.

10. Using AppNana For iTunes Gift Cards Free

AppNana is a cross-platform rewards application that is available from the Google Play store and Apple app store. In addition to this, it has a web application.

AppNana is one of the most popular rewards apps in the Google Play store. It’s been downloaded over half a million times and it has a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play store.

With AppNana you can earn points (known as Nanas) and redeem them for gift cards from places like iTunes. Nana’s are earned by downloading free apps (and running them) through the AppNana app.

You get 400 additional Nanas just for logging into the application and seeing what rewards are on offer. It also has a pretty decent rewards program. Rewards are usually deployed in the next 48 hours.


In this guide, we showed you how easy it can be to earn free iTunes rewards without working too hard. We made sure we picked the most fun ways of earning iTunes gift cards so it doesn’t feel like working a job.  If you have your own suggestions or need help with anything, please leave a comment down in the comment box. We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. As always, thank you for reading.

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