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10 Best Ways To Get Free V-Bucks In Fortnite {No Human Verification}


How To Earn Free V-Bucks in Fortnite Legally! – Despite upstarts like Apex Legends and Z1 Battle royale trying to dethrone it, Fortnite is still the most popular Battle Royale game on the market. As of March 2019, it has a quarter of a billion registered users.

That’s an amazing statistic for a game that has been around since 2017. Its cultural impact can only be matched with games like WoW. Since the Battle Royale is a free-to-play game, game makers have to find a way creative ways to monetize it.

The most common way of monetizing a game is through micro-transactions. That’s where VBucks come in.

What are VBucks?

Vindertech Bucks (AKA Vinderbucks) are Fortnite’s in-game currency. They can be used to purchase items and accessories form the Vidnertech Store in the Save the World game mode.

They can also be used to purchase items from the in-game Item Shop as well as Battle Passes in Battle Royale.  There are numerous ways to obtain Free V Bucks. The easiest way to earn them is to buy them. 1000 V-Bucks will cost you $9.99.

In this guide, we’ll show you a few alternative methods you can use to harvest a few free V-Bucks so you don’t have to pay for them. Let’s see if we can save you some money and effort.

Top 10 Ways To Get Free V-Bucks In Fortnite

1.  Using GrabPoints

grabpoints - earn free vbucks

Grabpoints is one of the most popular rewards sites on the internet. In order to earn rewards through Grabpoints, you’re required to complete a set of tasks which will then in-turn earn you points.

Tasks include activities such as viewing videos, downloading and playing games, downloading and trying out new apps on your mobile device, participating in surveys or completing various free and paid offers from brands around the world.

The amount of points you score from each task is dependant on its difficulty and how much time it will take you to complete it. The more tasks you participate in and complete, the more points you score.

Once you have enough points, they can then be redeemed for V-Bucks – not directly. You can’t really exchange your points for V-Bucks, however, you can redeem them for cash through PayPal or Virtual Visa.

You can then use this cash to buy V-Bucks from the Microsoft virtual store or any other vendor of your choice. Grabpoints is free and easy to use.

2. Using V-Bucks Quiz for Fortnite

vbucks quiz for fortnite

VBucks Quiz for Fortnite is an iOS app developed by FortyFour Games. It’s a trivia application that’s available for both the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Android version (yet).

Users of the app can score free V-Bucks by just answering a few quiz questions correctly. It even allows you to compete with other users in arena type quiz battles.

In addition to the different game modes it has to offer, it also gives you a guide on how you can earn more V-Bucks. You can even submit your own questions to the developers and they might even include your questions in the next update.

It has a 4.5-star rating from the App store which should be enough proof to you that this app is legit. It’s free to download and play. If you have an iOS device and are keen on earning a few free Fortnite V-Bucks, then give this app a try.

3. Using PointsPrizes

pointsprizes - free v bucks

If you feel that GrabPoints didn’t have enough tasks for you to complete or you’re a bit unhappy with the number of points you get from a completing a task, then you should look at PointsPrizes as an alternative.

Just like GrabPoints, PointsPrizes is a rewards site that gives you a bunch of tasks to complete for points. Much like the aforementioned GrabPoints, you won’t be able to redeem the points you earn from this app for V-Bucks. But you can redeem them for PayPal or PaySafeCard codes and then use that money to purchase V-Bucks from a vendor or store.

PointsPrizes is a free service. You won’t have to pay to register and signing up is relatively fast. A great advantage of PointsPrizes is that it has offer walls which put you in touch with other brands or survey sites. This increases your chances of making more points.

It also has its own set of fresh surveys you can complete from time. You can also earn points from watching video ads. PointsPrizes also runs competition and hands out daily bonuses on certain tasks.

4. Using

ebonus gg - generate free v-bucks

If you’re looking for a more gamer focused rewards site that you can use to earn free V-Bucks, then look no further than allow you to win and earn free coins which can then be exchanged for Gaming Prizes.

There four different ways you can earn coins (’s version of points) and they are as follows:

  1. Completing tasks from their offer wall. has an offer wall not dissimilar to PointsPrize’s offer wall.
  2. Watching YouTube videos. You can watch videos and earn VRAs through and their partnership with Verasity. VRAs are Verasity’ virtual currency. You can use them to buy eBonus coins. You can do this from their site or the website.
  3. Watching’s streams. Coins can be earned from viewing one of’s streams. They also allow you to get additional coins by participating in a coins lottery.
  4. Redeeming promo codes. Since works with a lot of YouTubers and content creators, they often give away promo codes from their channels. These promo codes can be exchanged for coins from

Creating an account with is completely free and easy. It also comes with an amazing referral program where you can get additional coins from referring your mates. If you’re a gamer and you love streaming and watching other gamers play, then is the rewards site for you.

5. Using AppKarma

AppKarma is an Android-based rewards app where you can earn rewards and gift cards for downloading apps and using them. It’s really that simple.

It has a user-friendly and well-organized interface. It’s so easy to use that even a 5-year-old could use it to get extra money for candy. There are four ways you can earn points through Appkarma. These include:

  • Basic Rewards – Earning points by installing and running apps on your Android device
  • Karma Plays – These are points you’re given on a daily basis for playing and using apps that you’ve previously downloaded through AppKarma
  • Karma Quizzes – This is AppKarma’s quiz mode. You can earn Karma points just from answering a variety of trivia questions.
  • Achievement Badges – You can earn points by achieving different set goals through the AppKarma. For instance, referring a number of people or downloading a set number of apps per day.
  • Invite Rewards – You can earn additional Karma points from inviting people. You’ll earn a percentage of their total point yield every day.

Once again AppKarma is free to use but it’s only available to Android users.

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6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is actually one of the most popular ways of scoring additional income on the internet. Just like most rewards sites, you can’t really exchange the points or bucks you earn from Swagbucks directly into V-Bucks but you can exchange them for PayPal cash which would, in turn, allow you to buy V-Bucks from an online store.

Swagbucks has been reviewed and praised by publications such as BuzzFeed, TechCrunch, ABC, Time and Fox. So far, they’ve awarded over 346 million dollars to their members. That’s over a third of a billion. Just so you know that this site is legit.

Signing up with Swagbucks is easy. All you need to do is give them your email address and set up a password. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account to register. It’s a free service. You won’t be charged a single dime for joining.

 7. Earning Points through Daily Login

daily login rewards fortnite

Now that we’ve covered a couple of ways you can earn Free VBucks outside of the game, let’s look at a few ways you can make VBucks through Fortnite.

You can actually earn points by logging in to Fortnite Save the World on a daily basis. Just for logging in, Fortnite will reward with accessories, items, and V-Bucks.

However, there’s a catch. While you’ll earn all types of different rewards for logging into Fortnite, you’ll only earn VBucks from the 11th and 28th day of your login. This won’t yield you a lot of V-Bucks but it’s easy and it’s a great start.

8. Level up Your Battle Pass

battle pass fortnite

Owning a seasonal battle pass can make four special weekly challenges available to you, every single week for the first ten weeks of the season.

For every challenge you complete, you earn a battle star. Your level/tier up by one level, every time you earn 10 stars. You can get V-Bucks rewards for every tier level up.

While it may be time-consuming and the V-Bucks rewards aren’t a lot. It’s still a great way to earn V-Bucks while playing the game.

9. Complete Daily Quests

daily quests fortnite

Once you advance in Save The World’s storyline, you’ll have access to daily quests. They are not dissimilar to the daily quests you get in the Battle Royale mode.

Daily Quests can range from killing a set number of enemies to completing achievements like taking a selfie while dancing in front of a monument. For each daily quest you complete, you’ll receive at-least 50 Free V-Bucks as a reward.

There are only a few challenges or quests that will give you more. You get a maximum amount of three daily quests per day.

10. Completing Storm Shield Missions

storm shield missions fortnite

In Fortnite, a Storm Shield is basically a player’s home base. In Fortnite, players can build their own personalized Storm Shields which act as forts. These home bases can be used as a place to store and build items.

However, in Fortnite Save The world, Storm Shield Missions are a little different. You get a mission in each area that you unlock as you follow the storyline. You’ll get 100-150 Vbucks free for every Storm Shield mission you complete.


There you have it. These are ten of the best ways to secure V-Bucks inside and outside of the game. If you have any of your own suggestions, please leave a comment down in the comment box below.  We hope that you’ve found this guide to be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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