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How To Convert Audio To Text? 2019! Free & Easy!

Transcribing Audio Files to Text Files With 100% Accuracy is Always a Tedious Task. Here Are Some Tools & Methods Which Will Help!


How To Convert Audio To Text? 2019! Free & Easy! – Transcription is very important for a person who is indulged in creating video or audio content. Converting audio files into text is always a tough task to undertake.  But thankfully, various tools are available online for the same. Transcriptions are simply text versions to audios and video files for the ones having hearing problems or people who prefer reading texts rather than listening or watching videos.

Under we have a couple of ways, how one can transcript files.

How To Convert Audio To Text : 8 Best Methods & Software

1. YouTube: Easy and completely free

Follow these steps to convert audio to text.

  • First, login to the google and open YouTube with this account.
  • There is a site called Tunes2Tube, which you can use to upload audio files on YouTube.
  • Publish this on YouTube and a little patience would be required here, around ten-twelve minutes.
  • After its done, you will get your transcribed text in subtitles. Save it.

Easy right? The thing is that whenever any video is uploaded over YouTube, subtitles or closed captions are automatically generated which you can see in the “CC” icon.

2. Listen N Write

Listen N write is a “Free transcription software” that includes no complex options and brings every required action to be taken place over a simple interface to make your job easy. There are basic

Play/pause, skip/rewind media buttons. With that it also provides a adjust playback speed button to make typing easier. Although it doesn’t automatically convert the audio file into text but it can facilitate a person to convert the audio files with the best options to listen the audio files. All it asks for is a little bit of typing skills and you will be able to do your college projects in no time.

3. VoxSigma 

VoxSigma is a very smart and effective software that provides speech to text conversion in English and various other languages. It can adapt according to the sound and work efficiently irrespective of instruments playing in the background. This is a custom-made software for professional transcribers who require converting large audio/video files into texts in real-time or batch mode. The output thus generated is stored in an XML sheet with separate labels like speech and non-speech segments, words, speaker labels and time codes. It also comes as a web service via REST API.

4. Wave-to-Text-Converter

From below link you can download the software

  • First of all, open the Mp3 File in Windows Media Player.
  • Next go to “File > Save As…” and select the output location.
  • In the “Type” drop down menu which is in the top bar, select “WAV” and click on save.
  • Open WAV to text.
  • Next, go to “File > Import” and select the WAV file you just converted from mp3.

It will show the converted audio file into text format. Lastly you can copy and paste the text to your favourite text editing software for further editing.

5. Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Speech recognition is a professional and affordable software that helps in creating accurate outcomes with advanced customisation and integration between different devices. You will generally find this software in large-scale industries and because it holds advanced audio recognition techniques, it has become a personal favourite of professional transcribers. This software can recognise speech and volume at any speed and performs 3 times faster typing than any other software.

All you need to do for this software is to download it and start transcribing. This software although is not free. It would cost you only what its worth.

Follow the given steps to convert audio files to text files.

  • Run this program, on the top you will get a ‘Dragon Bar’.
  • On this Dragon Bar, you would find a “Transcribe” option, through which we will transcribe our audio file.
  • You can also access it from icon in “Tray Icon”, Right click on it -> Go to tools -> “Transcribe Recording”.


This is very powerful transcribing software. It specialises in converting audio/video files efficiently and has easy keyboard controls. HyperTranscribe allows automated looping and instant keyboard commands that eases your fingers and makes transcribing dictation exciting.

It is compatible with various formats MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV and AIFF and any format which is supported by Apple QuickTime. You can replay a media file or skip a particular section for maximizing typing and increasing productivity. It does not ask for any foot pedals or any other equipment, it rather allows easy key shortcuts and single window playing audio and typing. 

7. Google Docs

Finally Google triumphs with its free tool which require nothing but Google docs

Docs, Google’s Free, cloud based response to Microsoft word, has a dictation software tool known as voice typing. What it does is when you speak, this tool listens to you and transcribes what you say into a Google Doc. Its a good feature for those who find it difficult to type or prefer dictating.

Basically you listen to the recording via earphone and dictate it to which the tool listens and transcribes. It has millimetre precision and can even pronounce names in the correct manner. It also knows where to use their instead of they’re. Google Docs corrects the mistakes it initially makes as soon as a person completes the sentence. It proved successful when tried with Spanish, mandarin and German.

8. Inqscribe

Inqscribe is amongst the most advanced audio/video to text transcribers. It works like a word processor and insert texts on a single keystroke. It cannot create voice files for you. One can import and transcribe the files, but there isn’t any recording tool available.

It allows multiple languages and is Unicode compliant. You can use it for a variety of audio and video files transcription, but it does not act as a conversion tool if you are thinking that way. It also transcribes subtitled movies or videos and converts it easily.

You can also insert time codes and use analysis codes with this software. Its a very flexible and user-friendly tool and avoids complex options like most other programs do. You will initially get a 14 day trial after which you’ll have to buy it to get uninterrupted service.

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