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12 Best Places To Sell Clothes Online For Easy Money

Want To Sell Your Old/Used Clothes Online To Earn Some Easy Cash? Here Are The Best Websites Where You Can Sell Them. Check Them Out!


12 Best Places To Sell Clothes Online For Easy Money – Did you know that every 7 years you’re basically a new person cause every cell in your body is replaced with a new one? In this seven-year cycle, your brain changes, your body changes and your personality changes in very subtle ways.

What this means is that our taste in fashion may not be the same as it was 5 or 7 years ago. Old clothes don’t fit us the same. Our favorite clothes have lost their luster. Instead of discarding them or simply giving them away to the Salvation Army (which you should do if you don’t need them money), you can sell them online.

Selling your clothes online is a great way to free up closet space and de-clutter your house. If you’re struggling with money (like many of us are), selling your clothes online can be a great way to make some extra scratch.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the absolute best ways to sell your old clothes online.

Top Sites and places to Sell Clothes Online

Before trading your clothes online for some money, it’s important to note that you might have to pay for delivery costs. Shipping and delivery costs need to be a part of your selling price. We found that this is often overlooked by novice sellers. Some sites do give you free shipping. You might consider trying these first.

1. ThredUP

threadup - sell clothes online

ThredUP is one of the world’s largest online thrift shops where you can not only buy secondhand clothes but sell them too. ThredUP’s mission statement is to encourage the average American consumer to live in a more collective and sharing economy.

ThredUP primarily works with women and children’s clothing. They will send you a prepaid ‘Clean Out’ bag which you have to fill up. Once you fill it up, they handle the shipping, photographing, cataloging and sales.

ThredUP will pay you a maximum of 80% of the resale value per item. If they can’t sell the item, they’ll donate it to charity.

ThredUP comes with a nifty online calculator which can be used to calculate or estimate your potential sales profit. ThredUP charges you a $10.99 return fee for any items that it doesn’t sell or rejects.

Just because ThredUP deems an item unsellable or rejects it, doesn’t mean you can’t sell it on your own.  ThredUP does everything for you, it’s completely easy to use.

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The only downside to this is that because it does everything for you, they don’t pay out as much as other services. ThreadUP is available online as well as Android and iOS as a free application. If You want to sell your cloths online, this can be your best place.

2. Etsy

sell clothers online - etsy

Etsy is an online market place whose specialty is the sales and procurement of vintage and handmade products.  It allows you to chat with buyers, manage your order and its delivery and print cheap postage stamps in a very compact and convenient little package.

It’s a great niche service that caters to thrift shop enthusiasts. Not only can you sell your used clothing but you can sell clothing and items that you have made yourself.

If you want to rank higher with Etsy, make sure you network with your buyers and other Etsy shops. The more network and interact, the higher you’re ranked by the Etsky algorithm.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you sell an item, there’s a small commission as well as a processing fee you’ll need to pay to the website. Sell Clothes Online Here, Etsy Placed #2 in our list.

3. Tradesy


If you’re unfamiliar with Tradesy, it’s a peer-to-peer resale and online thrift shop for buying and selling women’s luxury and designer clothing.

With Tradesy, you can buy and sell clothes online including accessories, shoes, bags, and even wedding dresses. The sales process is pretty straightforward and easy with Tradesy.

All you need to do is take a photo of your items and upload them to the site. Tradesy will then enhance them for you to make them look more appealing and market ready.

After listing your item based on its brand name and the quality of its condition, you can then set the price of your item. Tradesy will take 14.9% of the items sale as commission. Tradesy also sends you a pre-paid and pre-addressed kit for shipping. They also handle the shipping as well as the shipping cost.

In addition to the website, Tradesy is also available on Android as well as iOS devices. When an item sells, Tradesy will either pay you through store credit, PayPal cash, direct bank deposit or a prepaid debit card.

4. eBay

ebay sell used stuffs online

eBay is one of the most famous websites for consumer-to-consumer sales. It’s been around since the 90s and it’s still thriving. If you don’t have a fixed price in mind for your item, it’s the best place to auction it off.

All you have to do is set up an eBay account, list your item, choose a starting price and sit back as people bid on it. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the ‘Buy-it-now’ option and affix a price to it.

eBay also makes it possible to amalgamate both options, just to see what people are willing to pay for the item. You have the choice of purchasing one of Ebay’s labels or shipping the item off yourself.

It’s a great place for selling a plethora of items, not only clothes. It’s available for free on iOS and Android devices. You can also visit the website.

5. PoshMark


While most online thrift shops cater primarily to women and children’s clothing, PoshMark is one of the few second-hand clothing shops that allow you to sell men’s clothing as well. Setting up your own PoshMark closet is quick and easy.

It works similarly to a social media site, where other users and potential buyers can follow and browse through your closet. So if there are any updates to your closet, they’ll get notified if they opted to follow your closet.

The closet functionality also makes listing items a breeze. All you have to do is upload pictures of the clothing item and fill in a product description. PoshMark allows you to upload a maximum of seven different pictures.

As soon as your item sells, they’ll email you a prepaid shipping label. If you want to increase the chances of your item selling, we suggest you share the item on a Posh Party.

Posh is available as a web service as well as applications for Android and iOS devices. It ranked 5th in our list of best places to sell clothes online.

6. The Real Real

The Real Real is a great place to sell luxury items. They will come to your home and actually pick up your items. Alternatively, you can ship the item directly to them or visit one of their many consignment offices for a free valuation.

We find that it’s a nice touch, instead of guessing how much your item will sell for. You barely have to do anything. The Real Real’s expert will evaluate, price, photograph and sell the item for you.

Once the item is sold, The Real Real guarantees that you’ll get at least 85% of the profits. It’s available for Android and iOS devices.

7. Snobswap(Leprix)

leprix to sell clothes online

Snobswap(Leprix) is an exclusive seller of designer labels. It offers one of the largest collections of authentic, pre-owned designer fashions from some of the most accessible consignment stores in the world.

If you have some old Fendi or Valentino clothing that no longer fit you or you feel is out of fashion, you can simply trade it in for something new. Listing and selling your clothes is relatively easy and fast.

All you to do is upload a photo and description then the company will approve the listing in the next 72 hours.

In addition to this, Snobswap also has multiple boutiques that are available from some of the biggest major cities such as New York, Miami, Law, and Washington, DC.

8. VarageSale

varage sale

VarageSale took the concept of garage sales and made it electronic. It allows you to sell clothing items to local buyers in your region. So instead of hosting an actual physical garage sale, you can host a virtual one.

If you get any buyers for your goods, you can simply set up a meetup time and place to exchange your goods. The best part about this is you’re not required to pay shipping costs and you make full profit for the items you sell.

VargeSale is easy to use, it’s available online and as an Android and iOS application.

9. Kidizen


If you’re a parent, you’ll understand that kids clothing doesn’t last very long. Your children are always outgrowing their clothes. So instead of giving them away to relatives or charity, you can actually sell them.

Kidizen is a highly-rated virtual second-hand clothing store for hand-me-down items. It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is set up your personalized shop, take pictures of the items you want to sell, promote your pieces and send them off.

Not only can you sell items on Kidizen but you can buy them too. Kidizen has an impressive catalog of new and second-hand books, accessories, toys, and shoes.

In addition to its website, you can also download the Android and iOS apps for free.

10. Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange

Buffalo Exchange is one of the few other online thrift stores where you can sell both women and men’s clothing. Whether its old jackets, sweaters, jewelry, blouses, pants, shorts and handbags, you can sell it all.

Buffalo Exchange will pay you in either PayPal cash, direct bank deposit or in-store credit. Not only can sell clothes from its apps and online store but you can go into one of its 50 stores strewn all across America and exchange your items there.

Buffalo Exchange also allows you to sell items by mail. If you want to sell your items using the online website or one of its free apps, all you have to do is request a shopping bag online, fill it with stuff you want to sell and drop it off at the nearest UPS.

Then they’ll take care of everything else.

11. Grailed


Grailed is a community-curated second-hand marketplace. While most thrift shops cater to women’s and children’s clothing, Grailed exclusively sells men’s clothing.

Sellers are given the opportunity to list their items in any one of the four categories the store has available. These four categories are:

  • Grailed: For high-quality designer fashion and items.
  • Hype: Primarily for the latest streetwear
  • Sartorial: This option is for high-end and vintage menswear
  • Core: This is for mass brands and classic clothing

Listing your items is free and buyers can negotiate and haggle the prices directly with the sellers. Grailed is available for Android and iOS devices for free. You can also pay a visit to their website and set up an account from there.

12. Crossroads


Crossroads has 36 stores spanning across the United States. So if you’re near one, you can simply walk in, get your second-hand item evaluated and sell it.

Crossroads will buy your trending fashion items as well as vintage clothing. You can sell your items for cash or trade them for in-store credit.

If you’d rather sell your clothing and accessories from the website, they will send you prepaid bag that you can use to send them your old men’s or women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

Items that don’t sell can either be donated to charity or taken back for a fee. The only downside is that CrossRoads has really low Pay-outs. They will pay you either 30% for a check payment or 50% for in-store credit.

Final Word

With the use of the various tips in this guide, you can quite literally go from rags to riches. Instead of leaving your old clothes out to be food for moths, you can simply sell them online to one of the stores in this guide. If you need any help or want to point out any blind spots on our side, please leave a comment down in the comment box. As always, thank you for reading and happy selling.

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