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10 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2019 (UPDATED)

Don't Want To Pay For Watching Movies? Here Are Some Best Free Movie Websites To Watch/Stream Movies Online.


10 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2019 (UPDATED) – With the popularity of legal and affordable streaming, you’d expect piracy to ebb at least slightly. Well, until more competitors joined the fray against Netflix, piracy was on a slow steady decline.

In the past three years, more and more companies have dipped their toes in streaming and providing unique and exclusive content through their streaming services.

A little competition is good for the market but users cannot possibly pay for all these services and they don’t want to miss out on possible culture shifting content.

The only other way besides paying for each streaming service is ripping and pirating the content. However, you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to become a criminal in order to stream high-quality content from the internet.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best options for watching free movies online. If you’re a cinemaphile on a budget, this article is for you.

10 best sites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2019

1. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is been around for half a decade now. It’s the best free streaming service(much like Netflix) that’s based in San Francisco.

It has over 12, 000 titles which include both movies and TV shows from studios such as Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate. Because of its affiliation to these studios, Tubi has one of the largest libraries (of any legal streamer) on the internet.

Tubi is a free on-demand streaming service that funds its existence through ads (much like public TV). Advertisements or commercial breaks are shown before and after streaming a show or movie.

Besides it being free, the best part about using Tubi is that it’s available for free to all viewers. You don’t even have to open up an account.

The website is welcoming, well designed and completely user-friendly. However, it isn’t the only way to stream or use the service.

Tubi has apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices. It’s also included on OTT devices such as Roku, Xbox One, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung, Sony, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo, and Comcast Xfinity X1.

2. PopcornFlix


A great alternative to Tubi TV is Popcornflix. It’s one of the best free online movie streaming website on the internet. Much like Tubi TV, its content is supported through advertising.

It’s been around for nearly a decade now. It was originally conceived in July 2010 and went into beta the next year. It has one of the largest libraries of any free movies online websites. In fact, it has over 1500 titles spanning nearly every genre and category of movie.

Popcornflix has a healthy dose of new and old movies, but it primarily specializes in independent movies. Its website has a simple yet user-friendly design. It doesn’t completely sacrifice on form to accommodate function though.

It sports an endearing blue, white and grey color scheme that makes navigating through its large library a pleasure. With the site, you can find free TV series and movies as well as viral videos.

It supports a multitude of platforms which include:

  • Roku
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • BlackBerry 10
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile

So if you have one of these devices and you’re looking for streaming service that you don’t have to sign up to use, give Popcornflix a try.

3. YouTube


You actually shouldn’t be surprised to see YouTube on the list. It’s considered to be one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet.

It’s basically a social media platform that is implemented through streaming video content (or vice versa). Over 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube globally. 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. The point I’m trying to make is there is so much content worth streaming on YouTube that you basically don’t need any other watching movies online services.

Not only can you stream official trailers and reviews, but YouTube has actual access to movies as well. You can also Stream original YouTube shows. All the movies are viewable through the movie section of the site.

A great portion of movies and series is available to users for free. However, if you want to gain access to YouTube’s premium content and see the latest films, you’ll have to fork over an amount of $3.33 to subscribe to their premium service.

If you can’t afford this fee, it’s not a big deal, you can simply peruse through the free movie section and find plenty of content to stream. Most of these movies are uploaded in HD.

4. Sony Crackle

sony crackle

Sony Crackle is a well-known platform and one of the best free movie streaming websites.  It allows its viewers to stream TV shows and watch full free movies online. While the Crackle name was established in 2018, it’s been around way longer than that. Originally it was named Grouper and was conceived in 2004.

What this means is that it’s one of the oldest online movie streaming site on the internet. Much like the other entries on this list Crackle keeps the lights on through advertising.

The ads can be a little annoying and intrusive at times, however, it’s a small price to pay for all the content you’re streaming for free.

Crackle is available in over 21 countries. In the future, there will be more support for even more countries. Crackle also has apps for both Android and IOS. This means that you can watch your shows and movies on the go, without using your web browser.

All you need to do in order to have access to Crackle’s services and large library is sign up for a free account. One of the best features Crackle makes available to its many users and viewers is the ability to create watch lists.

This is great, especially if you’re binge-watching a series. You don’t have to select a new video after every video is done playing. You can simply drag and drop the next movie/series.

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Crackle also has advanced and cohesive search functions that allow you to search through and filter through its large database. If you’re looking for a streaming site that will legally allow you to watch movies online for free, look no further than Crackle.

5. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is one of our favorite sites on the internet. Why? It gives you access to a wide variety of free content. It’s a non-profit digital library that gives its users free public access to collections of digitized materials such as e-books, audiobooks, websites, applications, games, music, images and of course movies and other video-based content.

Not only can you stream content directly from the website but you can download and upload some content as well. You just have to make sure you’re not violating any copyright laws while doing so.

The best part about the Internet Archive is that you don’t need to sign up for it, in order to use it. If you’re planning to download instead of stream content from the site, it has a number of options for you to use.

You can download videos in various formats. You can download using a direct link or torrent. Downloads tend to be superfast and torrents are relatively well seeded. It’s another amazing site for downloading and watching free movies online. From indie movies to classics that are within the public domain, this website has you covered.

6. HotStar


If you’re a fan of Indian cinema, then you should give a visit to HotStar. HotStar is an Indian streaming and video-on-demand streaming service for watching the latest films online.  It was established back in 2015.

Most of the content is free to users. You don’t even have to sign up in order to stream its free content. What’s most appealing about HotStar is not only can you catch your favorite Indian(Bollywood) movies and Soap Operas but it also gives you access to sporting events.

For instance, HotStar streamed all 49 matches of the ICC Cricket World cup in 2015 where it garnered over 340 million views.

While a large portion of HotStar’s revenue is generated through ad-revenue, it also has a premium feature. The premium feature gives its users access to Hollywood movies as well as the latest and greatest series.

HotStar is a great alternative to the other entries on this list. If you want to watch free movies online, give HotStar a try. HotStar gets a hot rating from us.

7. MoviesFoundOnline


MoviesFoundOnline isn’t technically a streaming site or movies-on-demand site like the other entries on this list. It is, however, a search and index site that allows you to find free and public domain movies.

You can then watch TV series, movies & more directly from their site. In addition to this, they also make sure that there is no copyright infringement of the links they include and the videos they host.

They do thorough moderation so as to not break the law and ensure that everything is on the up and up. So if you’re conscious about not partaking in any piracy whatsoever, they will ensure that everything you’re streaming from their website is completely legal.

Although the website’s design is unremarkable, it works and it’s very easy to use. You can find almost any genre here, from horrors, drama to comedy and adventure flicks – it has it all. It’s an awesome site to legally watch movies online for free.

8. Retrovision


If you’re a sentimentalist that yearns to be transported to the past, Retrovision allows you to stream classic movies for free. Movies aren’t the only thing you can stream from it though. You can also stream classic TV shows as well as cartoons.

While the site is very plane-Jane, it is very easy to use and navigate. It comes in black, blue and red color scheme. Each movie or show has a detailed description to accompany it.

It covers all sorts of genres, from comedies to westerns. It has a search function to help you sift through its sizeable content.

While Retrovision makes its money through advertising, the ads aren’t very intrusive. Users don’t have to sign up or register to watch movies online free on their site.

9. Classic Cinema Online

classic cinema online

Classic Cinema Online is very similar to Retrovision, however, it doesn’t have the same variety of content and CCO has a better-designed interface.

The way it’s designed and tiled out gives it a classic and nostalgic feel. Videos on this site are placed in three main categories – Movies, Series and Silent films.

Each category has a different genre. The site also has some search functionality to help you browse through its database even faster.

It also gives you access to its blogs where you can read news and hot takes about movies. If you want to revisit some movies from an older era and generation, give Classic Cinema Online a try.

10. SnagFilms


Snagfilms is one of the the best sites to watch movies online in this list, as well as the internet at large. While sites like Retrovision and Classic Cinema specialize in classic movies, this site specializes in indie and documentaries.

Not only does it allow you to watch and download free movies online but it also supports aspiring and well-established filmmakers by granting them the ability to submit documentaries and indie films for consideration.

If SnagFilms likes your movie, it may be featured and promoted on the website. SnagFilms has a grassroots and community approach that most other sites lack.

Another great feature that SnagFilms has is an editor-curated collection list. Viewers can watch online movies and shows suggested by the editor.

If you’re unsure about what to watch, you can simply visit the editor-curated list and pick something from it. At the time of writing this article, the site had well over 10, 000 movies and shows covering a wide variety of genres and categories.

Honorable mentions

  • Pluto TV
  • Yahoo! View
  • Open Culture
  • Viewster
  • Yidio


Normally, I’d close the article off by leaving a little disclaimer about not pirating and supporting content creators. I don’t have to this time. The items on this list are completely legal. You can use any of them for some guilt-free streaming. If you have any recommendations of your own, please leave them down in the comment box. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article and have found it informative. Thank you for reading and happy streaming.

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